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NYCC 2015: Jeff Lemire & Lewis LaRosa Leap Forward for THE ANALOG MAN in BLOODSHOT REBORN #10 – Coming in January!

BSRB_010_COVER-A_LAROSAIn 2016…Bloodshot kicks off the New Year with a mind-bending comic book event that must be seen to be believed!

As revealed today in advance of New York Comic-Con 2015, Valiant is proud to announce THE ANALOG MAN – a new four-part bombshell beginning in BLOODSHOT REBORN #10 from New York Times best-selling writer Jeff Lemire (THE VALIANT, Extraordinary X-Men) and blockbuster artist Lewis LaRosa (The Punisher)! This January, Valiant’s smash-hit ongoing series leaps forward 30 years into the future to reveal a world where Bloodshot is no longer the height of technological achievement…and the heroes of the Valiant Universe have given way to a ravaged and inhospitable wasteland…

Many years from now, Los Angeles has become a post-apocalyptic no-man’s land and the once unstoppable killing machine known as Bloodshot has become THE ANALOG MAN. Hopelessly outdated, Bloodshot’s taken on a new role as the protector of a small town, eking out a subsistence existence with the great love of his life – Magic – and protecting a group of stragglers who’ve weathered the storm. But when a gang of marauders arrives, the settlement’s survival is threatened, and Bloodshot is forced to bring justice to the distorted and disjointed badlands of the Valiant Universe!

“Bloodshot has found some peace at last. Or at least he thinks he has,” writer Jeff Lemire told io9. “And then, of course, I’m going to rip that all away from the poor guy and send him on an adventure like none he’s ever had before…[and] it looks amazing. Lewis LaRosa is doing career-defining work. Wait until you see it! Monster trucks, Shadowmen, Ninjak, old Bloodshot. He nails it all.”

THE ANALOG MAN will also mark the first full-length story arc in nearly a decade from acclaimed artist Lewis LaRosa – a penciller renowned for his incredibly lifelike characters, intricate detail and dynamic storytelling. Noted for his acclaimed runs on The Punisher, Immortal Iron Fist, Amazing Spider-Man and more, LaRosa is one of Valiant’s most prolific cover artists, having previously contributed to hit series including BLOODSHOT, NINJAK, UNITY, X-O MANOWAR and many others. THE ANALOG MAN will mark his first complete storyline for Valiant Entertainment.

“Over the coming year, BLOODSHOT REBORN is going to be building towards a critical moment that has widespread implications for all of Valiant’s biggest heroes. That road begins in THE ANALOG MAN – a widescreen action epic that is every bit as searing and intensely electrifying as a full-blown summer blockbuster,” said Valiant Editor-in-Chief, Warren Simons. “Jeff Lemire and Lewis LaRosa are firing on all cylinders and outdoing themselves with each new issue that comes in. Simply put, this is one of the most formidable creative teams anywhere in comics.”

This January, jump forward into the gasoline-soaked future of the Valiant Universe when Jeff Lemire and Lewis LaRosa kick THE ANALOG MAN into gear with an all-new jumping-on point for Project Rising Spirit’s state-of-the-art soldier! Featuring covers from a murderer’s row of the biggest talents in comics – including Larosa, Ryan Sook (Wednesday Comics), Dave Johnson (Superman: Red Son), Jeffrey Veregge (Red Wolf), Tula Lotay (Supreme: Blue Rose), David Lafuente (Ultimate Spider-Man) and Jeff Lemire (Sweet Tooth) – the pivotal next chapter of Bloodshot’s devastating path to redemption starts here, only in BLOODSHOT REBORN #10To find out more about THE ANALOG MAN, join an all-star panel of Valiant creators and staff at New York Comic-Con 2015 on Saturday, October 10th at 5:15 pm ET for the 25 YEARS OF VALIANT: BOOK OF DEATH AND BEYOND panel presentation, featuring even more news and announcements live from NYCC 2015!

Written by JEFF LEMIRE
Cover B by RYAN SOOK
Variant Cover by TULA LOTAY
Variant Cover by DAVID LAFUENTE
B&W Sketch Variant by LEWIS LAROSA
Valiant Linewide Variant by JEFF LEMIRE
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | ON SALE IN JANUARY!


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QUARANTINE_BLOODSHOT-AJA_STATUE_005Valiant’s First-Ever Officially Licensed Statue Brings Eisner Award-Winning Artist’s Cover to Life in Glorious Detail

Valiant Entertainment and Quarantine Studio are proud to announce the BLOODSHOT BY DAVID AJA 1/6 SCALE LIMITED STATUE – the first-ever officially licensed Valiant statue! Based on the artwork of multiple Eisner Award-winning artist David Aja (Hawkeye, Immortal Iron Fist), this imposing, cold-cast resin statue recreates Aja’s iconic cover for BLOODSHOT #1 (2012) and stands tall at nearly 15 colossal inches.

Manufactured in cold-cast resin for maximum quality, this milestone collectible comes riddled with detail from the base of Bloodshot’s boots to the top of his assault rifle and will be produced in a limited edition of just 300 statues worldwide. Locked and loaded with twin side arms, a katana sword, and an assault rifle, Valiant’s nanite-enhanced commando is ready for any deadly mission right here, only with the BLOODSHOT BY DAVID AJA 1/6 SCALE LIMITED STATUE!

“For 25 years, fans have been eagerly awaiting their first Valiant statue and we’re immensely proud that the time has finally come,” said Russell A. Brown, President of Consumer Products, Promotions, and Ad Sales for Valiant Entertainment. “Quarantine Studio has poured an incredible amount of time, talent and detail into giving Valiant’s very first statue release the jaw-dropping debut that Bloodshot deserves. From top to bottom, this is a beautiful realization of one of Valiant’s most enduring characters and a gloriously stunning interpretation of David Aja’s vision.”

Brought back from the dead and infused with cutting-edge nanotechnology by private security contractor Project Rising Spirit, Bloodshot is a nearly unstoppable killing machine equipped with enhanced strength, speed, endurance, and healing. Created by Kevin VanHook, Don Perlin, and Bob Layton in 1992, Bloodshot is one of the most successful new comic book characters of the past two decades with more than 100 issues published and lifetime sales of more than 7 million copies in multiple languages around the world. After returning with a sold-out new series in 2012, Bloodshot’s latest chapter began in the pages of BLOODSHOT REBORN – a new ongoing series from New York Times best-selling writer Jeff Lemire and artists Mico Suayan and Butch Guice.

Most recently, Valiant announced that it partnered with Sony Pictures and Original Film to bring two of the publisher’s most acclaimed superhero franchises – BLOODSHOT and HARBINGER – to the big screen over the course of five feature films that will culminate with the shared universe crossover film, HARBINGER WARS. BLOODSHOT, arriving in theaters in 2017, will kick off the five-picture plan leading to HARBINGER WARS and will be directed by David Leitch & Chad Stahelski (John Wick). Neal H. Moritz and Toby Jaffe of Original Film (The Fast and the Furious franchise) and Valiant Entertainment will produce the film.

Arm yourself for the armor-piercing debut of Project Rising Sprit’s deadliest creation as a highly detailed collectible with the BLOODSHOT BY DAVID AJA 1/6 SCALE LIMITED STATUE! A major milestone for Valiant’s most unrelenting hero, this towering statue is tearing Bloodshot off of the page and into fans’ collections everywhere for the very first time!

• Valiant’s first-ever officially licensed statue
• Based on the iconic cover to BLOODSHOT #1 (2012) by Eisner Award-winning artist David Aja
• Strictly limited edition of 300 statues
• Approximately 15” tall (including base)
• Cold-cast resin for quality
• Highly detailed weapons and armaments
• Manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) $245
• Estimated shipping January 2016

This January, the moment that every Valiant Entertainment fan has waited for finally arrives. Don’t miss the first-ever opportunity to bring the Valiant Universe to your shelf collection in bone-crunching fashion with the BLOODSHOT BY DAVID AJA 1/6 SCALE LIMITED STATUE!


For more information, visit Quarantine Studio online at, or visit Valiant on FacebookTwitterTumblr, and at


Valiant Previews: BLOODSHOT REBORN #7 | IMPERIUM #9 (NEW ARC! “THE VINE IMPERATIVE”) – On Sale October 7th

Written by JEFF LEMIRE
Cover A by MICO SUAYAN (AUG151767)
Cover B by GLENN FABRY  (AUG151768)
Cover C by TREVOR HAIRSINE (AUG151769)
Variant Cover by DAVE JOHNSON (AUG151770)
Variant Cover by KANO (AUG151771)

“THE HUNT” is on!

As responsible as Ray Garrison feels for the violence unleashed by his old nanites, he finds himself with another more familiar and painful responsibility – the life of a woman he loves. How will Ray keep Magic safe, avoid the federal manhunt that’s closing in on him, and stop his impostor before they kill again?!

$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On sale OCTOBER 7


Art by CAFU
Cover A by KANO (AUG151776)
Variant Cover by JUAN JOSÉ RYP (AUG151778)


Toyo Harada’s war to save humanity by taking over the world roars on against the only enemy this planet cannot contain…a sinister network of undercover alien spies!
A deadly chess game between Harada and the alien visitors called the Vine has been unfolding for decades. The Vine once even created the living weapon called LV-99 to assassinate their enemy, but failed. Today, as Harada executes his agenda upon Earth—and with LV-99 on his side this time—the Vine’s cold war finally turns infernally hot.
Jump on board the series that Bloody Disgusting calls “the height of sophisticated comic book stories” here with a powerful new story arc from New York Times best-selling writer Joshua Dysart (HARBINGER WARS) and red-hot artist CAFU (UNITY)!

$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On sale OCTOBER 7

IMPERIUM_009_001IMPERIUM_009_002IMPERIUM_009_003IMPERIUM_009_004IMPERIUM_009_005IMPERIUM_009_006IMPERIUM_009_COVER-A_KANOIMPERIUM_009_Cover-B_CAMUNCOLIIMPERIUM_009_VARIANT_RYPFor more information, visit Valiant on FacebookTwitterTumblr, and at

Valiant Reveals Massive Slate of New York Comic-Con 2015 Exclusives, Panels, Signings, and More!

unnamedThe critically acclaimed publisher of 2015 is gearing up to unload a wealth of exciting new con-exclusive collectibles and fan-only offerings for the east coast’s mightiest convention! Next week, Valiant Entertainment is taking center stage for New York Comic Con 2015 (NYCC) – the biggest pop culture convention on the East Coast – for a weekend exploding with surprise announcements, convention-exclusive collectibles, signings from an all-star cast of Valiant creators, and much, more more!

From Thursday, October 8th through Sunday, October 11th, join Valiant at Booth #1635 inside midtown Manhattan’s legendary Javits Center! Shop a massive new selection of NYCC-exclusive offerings – beginning with limited edition BLOODSHOT URBAN VINYL FIGURE by CKRTLAB Toys! Following in the footsteps of the highly sought-after X-O MANOWAR URBAN VINYL FIGURE, BLOODSHOT enters the fray at 5.5 inches tall with 6 points of articulation and comes enhanced with three firearm accessories and collectible packaging that is perfect for display! [$30 each]



Then clear extra space on your shelf for the next must-have Valiant collectible – NINJAK/SHADOWMAN “OPERATION : DEADSIDE” SCULPTED MUGS COLLECTOR’S SET from Surreal Entertainment! Pouring out of the pages of this winter’s highly anticipated “OPERATION DEADSIDE” storyline beginning in December’s NINJAK #10, MI-6’s most elite operative squares off with Shadowman in the form of two finely sculpted ceramic mugs that bring both iconic characters to life! Debuting at NYCC as a collector’s set, these two individually packaged mugs will start any fans’ morning with the high-octane action that only Valiant can provide! [$40 per set]



Plus: expand your Valiant wardrobe with a brand-new array of VALIANT HEROES COSPLAY T-SHIRTS by Trevco Inc. that can transform any fan into the Valiant Universe’s greatest champion! Now, anyone can be X-O MANOWAR, BLOODSHOT, FAITH, and NINJAK with hyper-detailed designs that turn the Valiant’s most recognizable costumes into stylish and convention-ready t-shirts! [$25 each]



Finally, pick up the BOOK OF DEATH: THE FALL OF HARBINGER #1 NYCC 2015 EXCLUSIVE VARIANT, featuring an all-new cover by fan favorite artist Ian McGinty (Adventure Time)! Charging out of Valiant’s blockbuster epic,BOOK OF DEATH, the revelation of the long-awaited final reckoning between the world’s two most powerful psiots – Peter Stanchek and Toyo Harada – is finally revealed by New York Times best-selling writer Joshua Dysart (IMPERIUM), and acclaimed artist Kano (THE DELINQUENTS)! [$20 each]



Also debuting at NYCC, don’t miss your free sneak preview of what’s coming next for heroes in the Valiant Universe in the VALIANT 2016 PREVIEW EDITION! Featuring first looks and advance artwork from the hottest releases of the coming year, find out what Valiant has in store for this winter and beyond with this free look inside upcoming issues of WRATH OF THE ETERNAL WARRIOR, NINJAK, THE DEATH-DEFYING DR. MIRAGE: SECOND LIVES, FAITH, and BLOODSHOT REBORN!



But that’s not all – look for signings and appearances all weekend long from some of Valiant’s most acclaimed talents, including David Baron (BLOODSHOT REBORN), Diego Bernard (X-O MANOWAR), Doug Braithwaite (BOOK OF DEATH), Clayton Crain (RAI), Adam Gorham (DEAD DROP), Clayton Henry (IVAR, TIMEWALKER), Jody Houser (FAITH), Matt Kindt (NINJAK, RAI), Rafer Roberts (X-O MANOWAR), Mico Suayan (BLOODSHOT REBORN), Fred Van Lente (IVAR, TIMEWALKER), Robert Venditti (WRATH OF THE ETERNAL WARRIOR), Ryan Winn (DIVINITY), and more special surprise guests!

Then, on Thursday, October 8th at 1:30 pm ET in Panel Room 1A01, come aboard with VALIANT 101: NEW FANS START HERE! – a concise and fun-filled introduction to Valiant’s biggest, most memorable characters! Looking for where to start with Valiant? Then this is the panel for you! From X-O MANOWAR to NINJAK to THE DEATH-DEFYING DR. MIRAGE and QUANTUM AND WOODY, find out for yourself why Buzzfeed calls Valiant “a universe full of your new favorite superheroes” right here with an easy, one-stop panel presentation from Valiant creators and staff!

But Valiant is going all-in for the city that never sleeps! On Saturday, October 10th at 5:15 p.m. ET in Panel Room 1A18, join us for 25 YEARS OF VALIANT: BOOK OF DEATH AND BEYOND – a can’t–miss panel spotlighting the next Earth-shaking changes coming for Valiant’s biggest heroes with artist Doug Braithwaite, writer Jody Houser, writer Matt Kindt, Valiant Editor-in-Chief Warren Simons, Valiant CEO & Chief Creative Officer Dinesh Shamdasani, and special surprise guests! From the epic events of BOOK OF DEATH and WRATH OF THE ETERNAL WARRIOR to seismic changes for X-O MANOWAR, BLOODSHOT REBORN, THE DEATH-DEFYING DR. MIRAGE, DIVINITY, and many more, get the jump on the future of the Valiant Universe right here with an exclusive round of news and announcements from the most acclaimed publisher in comics today, only at New York Comic-Con 2015!

We’ll see you in the Big Apple!

For more information, visit Valiant on FacebookTwitterTumblr, and at

First Look: WRATH OF THE ETERNAL WARRIOR #1 – Read Six Lettered Pages of Valiant’s Blockbuster New Ongoing Series by Robert Venditti & Raul Allen!


This November, out of BOOK OF DEATH…Valiant’s immortal master of war battles a colossal new threat unlike anything we’ve ever seen him face before!

Valiant is proud to present the first lettered preview of WRATH OF THE ETERNAL WARRIOR #1 – the FIRST ISSUE of an all-new ONGOING SERIES from New York Times best-selling writer Robert Venditti (BOOK OF DEATH, X-O MANOWAR) and breakout artist Raul Allen (BLOODSHOT REBORN, Hawkeye)! On November 18th, Valiant’s next tentpole series launches Earth’s Fist and Steel into unrelenting odyssey to the far end of existence…and forges a major new milestone for history’s most legendary soldier!

For five millennia, the Eternal Warrior has shaped history at the end of his sword. He’s razed empires, toppled civilizations, and broken armies as an immortal soldier in service to the Earth. But now, the Eternal Warrior has been torn from the world he once protected and finds himself stranded in a hostile alien landscape unlike any he’s ever faced. Separated from his earthly environs, can history’s deadliest soldier survive a realm far older, far deadlier, and far more ruinous than anything he’s ever encountered before? Beyond Earth lies eternity…

“There are lots of immortal characters in comics and pop culture, but the way I’m approaching the character is a different take on that,” series writer Robert Venditti told “What gets you out of bed in the morning? For him to get out of the grave every time and be immortal again, he has to be an eternal optimist. For a character like that to have seen everything he’s seen and to still be optimistic and to still believe that there’s more beauty than ugliness in the world, that the war can eventually be won? That’s something that I believe myself. I believe we’re inherently good.”

On November 18th, in the aftermath of the decade’s most successful independent crossover event, all-star creators Robert Venditti and Raul Allen drag Gilad Anni-Padda, Earth’s First and Steel, away from the world he was sworn to protect and into the farthest reaches of the Valiant Universe, only in WRATH OF THE ETERNAL WARRIOR #1 – featuring covers by David Lafuente (Ultimate Spider-Man), Raul Allen (NINJAK), Cary Nord (X-O MANOWAR), Marcos Martin (The Private Eye), Pere Perez (ARCHER & ARMSTRONG), and Lewis LaRosa (BLOODSHOT)!

For more information, visit Valiant on FacebookTwitterTumblr, and at

Cover A (Wraparound) by DAVID LAFUENTE (SEP151652)
Cover B by RAUL ALLEN (SEP151653)
Cover C by CARY NORD (SEP151654)
Cover D by MARCOS MARTIN (SEP151655)
Emblem Variant by PERE PEREZ (SEP151657)
Artist Variant by LEWIS LAROSA (SEP151658)
B&W Sketch Variant by DAVID LAFUENTE (SEP151659)
Blank Cover also available (SEP151656)
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On sale NOVEMBER 18 (FOC –10/26/15)




Jody Houser, Francis Portela & Marguerite Sauvage Fly High for FAITH #1 – Coming in January from Valiant Entertainment!


FAITH begins! This January, Valiant’s most demanded hero steps out of the pages of HARBINGER…and into an all-new series!

As debuted today at Comic Book Resources, Valiant is proud to announce FAITH #1 (of 4) – the FIRST ISSUE of a stratospheric new limited series launching the teenage heart and soul of the Harbinger Renegades, Faith “Zephyr” Herbert, into her first-ever solo adventure from rising star Jody Houser (Orphan Black) and explosive artists Francis Portela (Green Lantern) and Marguerite Sauvage (DC Comics Bombshells)!

“Faith is one of the most unique characters in comics – a sci-fi loving, Firefly-quoting fangirl that wound up standing shoulder-to-shoulder alongside some of the most powerful superheroes on Earth, who, at the end of the day, might just prove herself to be the bravest of them all,” said Valiant Editor-in-Chief Warren Simons. “Since she first stepped off the page in HARBINGER through HARBINGER WARS, UNITY, and ARMOR HUNTERS, fans far and wide have demanded that she be given her time to shine in the spotlight. Fortunately, Jody, Francis, and Marguerite are the perfect team to give Faith the leading role she deserves with a fast and fun-filled series that will establish her once and for all as one of Valiant’s leading lights.”

Orphaned at a young age, Faith Herbert – a psionically gifted “psiot” discovered by the Harbinger Foundation – has always aspired to greatness. But now this once ordinary teenager is taking control of her destiny and becoming the hard-hitting hero she’s always known she can be – complete with a mild-mannered secret identity, unsuspecting colleagues, and a day job as a reporter that routinely throws into her harms way! Well, at least she thought it would… When she’s not typing up listicles about cat videos, Faith makes a secret transformation to patrol the night as the City of Angels’ own leading superhero – the sky-soaring Zephyr!

But flying solo is going to be tougher than Zephyr ever thought when she uncovers a deep-rooted alien conspiracy. Two-bit burglars and car thieves are one thing, but when the world needs a hero to stave off a full-blown extraterrestrial invasion, will Faith find herself in over her head…or ready for her biggest challenge yet?

“Faith is an especially fun character for this sort of story because of how genre savvy she is,” writer Jody Houser told Comic Book Resources. “She didn’t fall into the ‘classic costumed life’ by accident. She made a deliberate attempt to model her life after the heroes she grew up with, not because that’s just how it’s done, but because she understands the benefit of having a normal life on the side. Wanting to do great things doesn’t mean she wants to be in the spotlight 24/7.”

Featuring covers by a blockbuster line-up of comics’ top talents, including Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic (DIVINITY), Marguerite Sauvage (Thor), Clayton Henry (ARCHER & ARMSTRONG), Kano (QUANTUM AND WOODY), Colleen Coover (Bandette), Valiant’s high-flying hero steps to the forefront of the Valiant Universe to begin a landmark new chapter this January, only in FAITH #1 (of 4) – her much-demanded solo series debut from all-star creators Jody Houser, Francis Portela, and Marguerite Sauvage!

For more information, visit FacebookTwitterTumblr, and at

FAITH #1 (of 4)
Written by JODY HOUSER
Variant Cover by KANO
Variant Cover by COLLEEN COOVER
Blank Cover also available
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | LIMITED SERIES | COMING IN JANUARY!


Valiant Previews: BOOK OF DEATH: THE FALL OF HARBINGER #1 – On Sale September 30th!



Art by KANO
Cover A by RAUL ALLEN (JUL151661)
Cover B by FRANCIS PORTELA (JUL151662)
Variant Cover by RYAN LEE (JUL151663)
Variant Cover by ROBERT GILL (JUL151664)

A showdown. An apocalypse. An ending.

Many years from today, Peter Stanchek, the Renegades, the Harbinger Foundation, the Bleeding Monk, and Toyo Harada’s Imperium all reach their terminus, as the entire planet becomes the battlefield for the most devastating psionic combat humanity has ever seen. The Great Destroyer, long prophesied and foreseen, comes to Earth at last. Who will survive…and what will be left of them?

New York Times best-selling writer Joshua Dysart (IMPERIUM, HARBINGER) and blockbuster artist Kano (THE DELINQUENTS) journey to the far end of the Geomancer’s BOOK OF DEATH to reveal the final, unavoidable end for two of the Valiant Universe’s most powerful foes.

$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | ONE-SHOT | On sale SEPTEMBER 30


For more information, visit Valiant on FacebookTwitterTumblr, and at

Diamond Retailer Summit 2015: Valiant’s BOOK OF DEATH Reigns as Most Successful Independent Crossover Event of the Decade


With Total Sales of 200,000+ Units, Valiant’s Acclaimed Summer Crossover Achieves Major Milestone for Largest Independent Superhero Universe.

As revealed this morning at the Diamond Retailer Summit in Baltimore, MD, Valiant is proud to announce that the widely acclaimed BOOK OF DEATH event storyline has sold more than 200,000 copies and counting as of September 2015, cementing its status as the most successful crossover event of the decade from an independent publisher.

Following a record-setting debut of more than 70,000 copies for BOOK OF DEATH #1 (of 4) in July, Valiant’s blockbuster summer event – helmed by New York York Times best-selling writer Robert Venditti (X-O MANOWAR, Green Lantern) and artists Robert Gill (Batgirl) and Doug Braithwaite (ARMOR HUNTERS) – has continued to accrue widespread critical acclaim and multiple distributor sell-outs across both the core BOOK OF DEATH limited series and four standalone one-shots from an all-star cast of preeminent creative talents, that inlcudes writers Jeff Lemire (BLOODSHOT REBORN, Descender), Matt Kindt (NINJAK, Mind MGMT), Joshua Dysart (HARBINGER, Unknown Soldier), alongside artists Trevor Hairsine (DIVINITY), Kano (QUANTUM AND WOODY), and Clayton Henry (ARCHER & ARMSTRONG).

“The reception to BOOK OF DEATH thus far has been astounding and the series isn’t slowing down yet,” said Valiant Publisher Fred Pierce. “BOOK OF DEATH really is a landmark moment for Valiant, both as a publisher and for the characters that define our universe. From craft and story, to sales and marketing, BOOK OF DEATH has created an influx of fans new to Valiant and emboldened our long-time readers. Look out…because the story that begins here will have long-lasting ramifications in the months and years to come.”

Spanning eight issues total, BOOK OF DEATH collides the next thousand years of history with the most powerful heroes of today. X-O Manowar. Bloodshot. Ninjak. The Harbinger Renegades. Unity. This is how they lived. This is how they died. Now we know. The Book of the Geomancer has recorded it all. But only a young girl – the last in a line of the enigmatic mystics who protect the Earth known as Geomancers – has seen this future come to pass, from the coming cataclysm to the dawn of the 41st century. Alone with her sworn protector, the Eternal Warrior – a soldier battle-forged across five thousand years of combat – the duo must defy their allies to stop the Dark Age that now threatens to eclipse our world.

Together, they are the number one target of every hero and villain on Earth. Either the Eternal Warrior hands her over…or they take him down. But can even he single-handedly protect one child when the entire Valiant Universe wages war against him?

Featuring the last stands of Valiant icons, the first appearances of all-new heroes, and tantalizing clues of future events, BOOK OF DEATH is the gateway to the next decade of the Valiant Universe and beyond. That new era officially begins on November 18th in WRATH OF THE ETERNAL WARRIOR #1 by BOOK OF DEATH’s own Robert Venditti and visionary artist Raul Allen (NINJAK, Hawkeye) – the first issue of an all-new ongoing series bringing Valiant’s immortal master of war out of the pages of Valiant’s chart-topping event and into a savage new realm far removed from the world he once knew…

“Robert Venditti and Cary Nord defined the scope and fury of the Valiant Universe in 2012 in the pages of X-O MANOWAR #1. Now, Rob and Raul Allen are bringing that same passion and widescreen scope to WRATH OF THE ETERNAL WARRIOR – a series that, following on in the aftermath of BOOK OF DEATH, will establish the Eternal Warrior, beyond a doubt, as a true heavyweight of the Valiant pantheon,” said Valiant CEO & Chief Creative Officer Dinesh Shamdasani. “The revelations that series will hold over the next year are truly unlike anything that Valiant has published before and will redefine the Eternal Warrior’s place as both a soldier and superhero.”

For five millennia, the Eternal Warrior has shaped history at the end of his sword. He’s razed empires, toppled civilizations, and broken armies as an immortal soldier in service to the Earth.

But now, the Eternal Warrior has been torn from the world he once protected and finds himself stranded in a hostile alien landscape unlike any he’s ever faced. Separated from his earthly environs, can history’s deadliest soldier survive a realm far older, far deadlier, and far more ruinous than anything he’s ever encountered before? Beyond Earth lies eternity…

On November 18th, step out of BOOK OF DEATH and into the farthest reaches of the Valiant Universe, only in WRATH OF THE ETERNAL WARRIOR #1!

Also announced at today’s Diamond Retailer Summit, the complete BOOK OF DEATH epic will be collected between two trade paperbacks in January 2016, beginning with the BOOK OF DEATH TPB – re-presenting BOOK OF DEATH #1-4 (of 4) with never-before-seen bonus materials from series artists Robert Gill and Doug Braithwaite.

Shortly thereafter, also in January 2016, the publisher will debut a second volume – BOOK OF DEATH: THE FALL OF THE VALIANT UNIVERSE TPB – collecting the four acclaimed one-shot chapters detailing the apocalyptic future that awaits Valiant’s biggest heroes from BOOK OF DEATH: THE FALL OF BLOODSHOT #1, BOOK OF DEATH: THE FALL OF NINJAK #1, BOOK OF DEATH: THE FALL OF HARBINGER #1, and BOOK OF DEATH: THE FALL OF X-O MANOWAR #1.

For more information, visit Valiant on FacebookTwitterTumblr, and at

Cover A (Wraparound) by DAVID LAFUENTE (SEP151652)
Cover B by RAUL ALLEN (SEP151653)
Cover C by CARY NORD (SEP151654)
Cover D by MARCOS MARTIN (SEP151655)
Emblem Variant by PERE PEREZ (SEP151657)
Artist Variant by LEWIS LAROSA (SEP151658)
B&W Sketch Variant by DAVID LAFUENTE (SEP151659)
Blank Cover also available (SEP151656)
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On sale NOVEMBER 18 (FOC –10/26/15)

$14.99 | 160 pgs. | T+ | COMING JANUARY 2016
TRADE PAPERBACK | ISBN: 978-1-939346-97-1

Cover by CARY NORD
$14.99 | 112 pgs. | T+ | COMING JANUARY 2016
TRADE PAPERBACK | ISBN: 978-1-939346-98-8


A SOUND OF THUNDER Brings VALIANT’s SHADOWMAN to Life In TALES FROM THE DEADSIDE – A Heavy Metal Concept Album Launching September 25!

12d15d35-00df-4f31-9a2e-f8622369bb78-2Album to Debut During Baltimore Comic-Con 2015 with Live Release Party

Award-winning comic book publisher Valiant Entertainment and Washington, DC area metal band A Sound of Thunder are teaming up for “Tales from the Deadside” – an all-new concept album inspired by New Orleans’ nocturnal guardian…the voodoo-empowered hero simply known as Shadowman!

Venture into the darkest reaches of the Valiant Universe to witness the story of Jack Boniface – the latest in a long line of Shadowmen tasked with protecting our world from the forbidden supernatural realm called Deadside…and the evil machinations of Master Darque, who long ago traded his humanity to possess the dark knowledge of the haunted world beyond our own.

From Shadowman’s unearthly origin to his first brutal encounter with the arcane forces of the New Orleans night, “Tales from the Deadside” is a comics experience like none other, told across 60 minutes of spine-tingling tracks, voice narration, and soundscapes from rock n’ roll masters A Sound of Thunder!

“The story of Shadowman, his alter-ego Jack Boniface, and the many characters in his world inspired us to create what we believe is our best album to date,” said A Sound of Thunder guitarist Josh Schwartz. “We let the story lead us to places our music has never been before, combining all the elements of supernatural horror, drama, action and adventure found in the comics. Of course, everything has gone through our own unique Thunderous filter, and all the familiar ASOT elements will be there. Shadowman’s harrowing journey demanded no less!”

A runaway success on Kickstarter, “Tales from the Deadside” smashed through its initial crowdfunding campaign by more than 300 percent, raising more than $30,000. Recorded at Assembly Line Studios with RIAA platinum-awarded producer Kevin ’131′ Gutierrez (Shinedown, While Heaven Wept, Raven), the 10-track album is A Sound of Thunder‘s fifth full-length release, refining their classic blend of melodic heavy metal, rock, and prog. Since forming in 2009, the band has performed across the United States and Canada and shared the stage with notable acts such as Iced Earth, Accept, Overkill, and Kamelot. Their last album, “The Lesser Key of Solomon,” debuted as a Top 50 release on the Billboard Heatseekers Albums chart.

On September 25th, the many worlds of Valiant’s iconic Shadowman characters spring to life in “Tales from the Deadside” – available digitally, on CD, and vinyl! And don’t miss the band’s ground-shaking release party, kicking off during Baltimore Comic-Con 2015 at Baltimore’s own Metro Gallery on September 26th! Join A Sound of Thunder’s Legion of Thunder and a host of Shadowman fans from around the globe for a musical performance unlike any other as Shadowman’s “Tales from the Deadside” smashes down the barrier from the Valiant Universe to yours!

Plus: meet A Sound of Thunder in person during Baltimore Comic-Con 2015 at Booth A185, as the band overtakes the metro area’s biggest comic convention with band-exclusive variants of Book of Death #3 (of 4) by artist Dusan Markovic, CDs, vinyl, t-shirts, and more for sale and free autographing!

The dark protector of the New Orleans night, Shadowman is one of the most enduring heroes in comics with more than 5.3 million comics sold since the character’s debut in 1992. As the sole protector of the boundary between our world and the nightmare realm known only as Deadside, Shadowman’s mythology forms a cornerstone of the larger Valiant Universe and spawned the best-selling “Shadow Man” action-adventure gaming franchise produced by Acclaim Entertainment. The character will next appear in “Operation: Deadside” – a four-part storyline beginning in December’s Ninjak #10 by New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt and superstar artist Doug Braithwaite.

About Valiant Entertainment:

Valiant Entertainment is a leading character-based entertainment company that owns the largest independent superhero universe in comics. With more than 81 million issues sold and a library of over 2,000 characters, including X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, Harbinger, Shadowman, Archer & Armstrong, and many more, Valiant is one of the most successful publishers in the history of the comic book medium. Today, the company’s characters continue to be forged in publishing, licensing, film, video games, and beyond. Valiant consistently produces some of the most critically acclaimed comics in the industry and has received numerous industry awards and accolades, including a Diamond Gem Award for Comic Book Publisher of the Year. In 2015, Valiant announced a multi-picture deal to bring Bloodshot and Harbinger to the big screen as feature films. Visit Valiant online at

A SOUND OF THUNDER – “Tales from the Deadside” (Album Preview)

A SOUND OF THUNDER – “Tower of Souls” (Lyric Video)

A SOUND OF THUNDER – “Tremble” (Official Audio)


First Look: BOOK OF DEATH: THE FALL OF X-O MANOWAR #1 – Robert Venditti & Clayton Henry Reveal the Last Testament of Valiant’s #1 Hero in October!

BOD-XO_COVER-A_NORDAs BOOK OF DEATH reaches its final chapter this October, Robert Venditti and Clayton Henry are flashing forward to reveal the stunning last stand of Valiant’s most formidable hero…the unstoppable X-O Manowar!

Valiant is proud to present an advance preview of BOOK OF DEATH: THE FALL OF X-O MANOWAR #1 – the next essential one-shot at the heart of Valiant’s cataclysmic summer event from New York Times best-selling writer Robert Venditti (WRATH OF THE ETERNAL WARRIOR) and Harvey Award-nominated artist Clayton Henry (ARCHER & ARMSTRONG)! On October 21st, before BOOK OF DEATH reveals its widespread ramifications for the heroes of today, discover the world that awaits Valiant’s alien-armored Visigoth in the century yet to come as Aric of Dacia’s journey from past to future comes full circle!

After hundreds of years in exile on an alien planet, Aric of Dacia – better known to the world as the unstoppable hero called X-O Manowar – has returned to an unfamiliar Earth, only to find a planet that doesn’t remember…or want him. Can X-O Manowar finally find happiness in the aftermath of the apocalypse? Plus: the ultimate fate of the X-O Manowar armor, Shanhara, stands revealed…and a new generation of Valiant heroes get ready to take flight in defense of a radically transformed planet Earth!

This October, as BOOK OF DEATH closes, Valiant superstars Robert Venditti and Clayton Henry begin a new chapter in BOOK OF DEATH: THE FALL OF X-O MANOWAR #1 – a special standalone tale ripped from the pages of the summer’s most acclaimed event! Featuring covers by Cary Nord (X-O MANOWAR), Stephen Segovia (Convergence), Ryan Lee (Uncanny Inhumans), and Diego Bernard (UNITY), don’t miss the final fall of the hero that kicked the Valiant Universe into action, only in BOOK OF DEATH: THE FALL OF X-O MANOWAR #1 – on sale October 21st!

Then, one week later on October 28th, the final reckoning between Master Darque, the Eternal Warrior, and the heroes of the Valiant Universe begins in BOOK OF DEATH #4 (of 4) – the apocalyptic 40-page finale from all-star creators Robert Venditti, Robert Gill, and Doug Braithwaite! As an evil Geomancer tears our world asunder, all will be revealed as the future promised in the Book of the Geomancer comes to bear! So let it be written, so let it be done…

Also featuring an exclusive WRATH OF THE ETERNAL WARRIOR PREVIEW EDITION on its reverse side, witness the stunning final pages of Valiant’s earth-shaking event…and then begin the journey towards the next landmark ongoing series that begins in its wake, only in BOOK OF DEATH #4 (of 4) – on sale October 28th!

Cover A by CARY NORD (AUG151762)
Cover B by STEPHEN SEGOVIA (AUG151763)
Variant Cover by RYAN LEE (AUG151764)
Variant Cover by DIEGO BERNARD (AUG151764)
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | ONE-SHOT | On Sale OCTOBER 21 (FOC – 9/28/15)

BOOK OF DEATH #4 (of 4)
Cover A by CARY NORD (AUG151757)
Cover B by MICO SUAYAN (AUG151758)
Valiant Icons Variant Cover by PERE PEREZ (AUG151760)
Artist Variant by PAOLO RIVERA (AUG151761)
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ |On Sale OCTOBER 28 (FOC – 10/5/15)

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